Ease of watching movies in Bangalore

Visiting the city or resident of it, newly arrived or been here for years, Bangalore is the destination city for majority of young Indians who are technology-savvy and aspire to make a good living for themselves. The city is upbeat, is one of the most uniformly developed cities in India and has some posh eating, shopping and clubbing joints in the country. To top it, the city has a very pleasant weather all through the year – neither too hot, nor too cold – making it doubly worthy of living for hundreds of people from across the country.

By virtue of its strong science and technology ecosystem, the city is marked by the presence of the biggest multinational companies of the globe. The biggest strength of the city is its S&T sector that has been able to reach world class standards because of the availability of a scientific workforce, an interesting mix of industry and academia, research and development facilities and investor friendly policies of the state government. It is therefore rightfully called the Science Capital of the country. With the presence of such intellectually inspired crowd, it is but natural that the movies in Bangalore belong to the forward-thinking and modern genre.

Moving hand-in-hand with the policy of digitization and e-governance, the city and its people are trendsetters for the entire country. It is showing the way when it comes to adopting techniques that enable people easy and convenient online digital payments. This city that is the fourth most productive state of the country because of the booming IT Industry and start-up firms, the penetration of e-commerce activities and other such internet related work like online paying of bills, recharging of mobiles and DTH connections, booking of tickets for watching a movie in Bangalore, ordering online food, booking rail and airfare tickets, booking hotel rooms, ordering flowers and grocery items etc. is perceptibly very high.

Today an average Bangalorean can plan in advance his leisure and entertainment schedules using smart technology. Downloading the App of a leading entertainment retailer like Paytm, PhonePe and MobiKwik, he can book a suitable show of a movie days ahead. The platforms offer different options like pre-booking of tickets, blocking seats of one’s choice, advance booking for an unreleased movie that is due to be released in sometime etc. Choose the hall – whether it is a single screen, double screen or multi-screen hall like a multiplex – and the show, pay upfront the money against the tickets using a credit card, debit card or Netbanking and the process is done. In order to watch a movie in Bangalore leisurely, you can use the electronic wallet system too. The e-wallet is specific to each reseller and can be used by registered users to make both online and offline payments. Payments done the person need to collect the ticket from the booking counter before the show and that is it. In case of constraint of time, the QR code of the e-ticket is enough for the person to gain entry into the hall.